Coupons / Deals (Updated 22nd March 2019)

Updated: 22nd March – 8% off selected Tattu Lipos


I recently reviewed some Tattu 4S lipos (video is here) there’s currently a promotion for an 8% saving until 31st March.

Tattu 4S 75C 1300mAh
Tattu 4S 75C 155mAh

If you want a GPS tracker for your quad/plane/whatever with unlimited data on sim that will work in just about any country, then check out the PinPointRC tracker.  If you use the code currykitten then you can get an extra 10% off.  Also checkout my video review and testing here

If you are short/long sighted, or have a more complicated prescription, perhaps an astigmatism or prism, then RHO-Lens will give you 10% off custom FatShark diopters if you use the code WA240510 My video review of them is here