Support Me

In February 2018, I gave up working for other people, and decided to turn my passion into my work (which is FPV and RC – just in case you couldn’t work it out).

I genuinely love what I do.  I’ve never worked quite so hard in my life, but when your work doesn’t feel like work – it’s fantastic.  Of course, the only downside to this work is it doesn’t come with a regular payslip.  So if you’d like to show your support in any way, here are some of the things you can do.


Watch my YouTube channel

The general popularity of my YouTube channel has a knock on effect for everything else, so please like, comment, subscribe and all that stuff.  YouTube likes interactions of any kind and having a growing active channel does makes the mysterious YouTube algorithm happy.


Affiliate Links

In my review videos, you will generally find an affiliate link to the product (not always, as not all people have affiliate programs) Right now, this is my main source of income.  So if you found the review helpful, then please click on the link.  Not everyone realises that (at least in the case of Banggood and Gearbest) that you don’t need to purchase the item I link to help me out.  By using the affiliate link and then purchasing anything in their online store, I get a small commission – and it doesn’t cost you anything, so if you are doing some shopping anyway, and wanted to help out then you can use these links to the store fronts:

Banggood                                        Gearbest                                            Akk Tech


Become a Patreon Supporter

If you are finding the stuff I’m doing to be super-helpful, and you want to really show your support – then please take a look at my Patreon page here.  Any amount helps out, and getting anything via Patreon frees up more time to do more tutorial and howto videos.


Tshirt anyone ?

Ok, so more designs to come, right now I have a bunch of ideas in my head that I’m really wanting to get drawn out and into T-Shirt designs.  Right now, a few logo-inspired ideas are available at a few print-on-demand stores: Redbubble and Spreadshirt.  Once again, I get a small commission from any T-shirt purchased and you get an awesome thing to wear !


But I had this bag of money and nobody to give it to

Sure, so if you want to literally throw money at me (all eccentric millionaires are welcome) you can use PayPal at this address