Who am I ?

Well hello there, and thanks for stopping by.  I am CurryKitten (I’m the one on the right), and this is my blog

I got into RC, and FPV in 2012 after seeing some RCexplorer.se videos on YouTube.  On that site, there were quite detailed plans on how to build a Tricopter – so with no experience whatsoever I dived in.  I’ve crashed a lot, but learnt a lot more, and have never looked back since.

I’ve been actively producing videos on RC and FPV since day 1 of my journey, and I enjoy coming up with a mix of pure flying, reviews, tips and techniques as well as crazy stupid ideas just to try.  If you haven’t seen me, check me out on YouTube.


Why a Blog ?

Although I do a lot of videos covering the more complicated tips and techniques, it often feels like a companion piece in words, as well as more photos may help.  I often feel like my videos can go on too long already, and that’s me keeping it brief !  So the articles are here, to work in conjunction with the videos and allow people to get some more in-depth information at their own pace.

I also enjoy writing.  Aside from that novel sitting on my hard drive I keep never getting around to finishing, I’ve also written multiple articles for the RC magazines RC Flight Camera Action (that’s my review quad on the front cover), and RC Model World.

Review samples, affiliate links and impartiality

From time to time, some companies, or individuals will ask if I would like to review one of their products – and sometimes I review products for magazines.  If it is the case of someone supplying me a sample to review for free, I will state that in the blog here, as well as in the video – and normally the title of the video.  You shouldn’t be able to miss the fact that I haven’t paid for it myself, so if I don’t mention that fact it means I bought it with my own money.

As far as review samples go, I’ll be honest about things – if it sucks, I will call it out.  Happily, this doesn’t happen very often, because when someone offers me a product, if it looks awful, or it something more toy grade, then I won’t do it.  Of course, when I get to pick something to review, I will pick something I believe will be good and interesting.  I do invite people to be skeptical, as impartial as I think I might be, take a look at a few other reviews and make sure what I’m saying holds up ok.  If it doesn’t, then let me know.

I use affiliate-based links to products I’ve used – to the supplier I got it from.  This helps me fund what I need to do to keep making videos, and now this blog – there’s often extra equipment I need to purchase, even when I’m supplied a model for free.  It could be servos, receivers, vtx’s etc.


Where my stuff comes from

I tend to use Banggood.com for quite a lot of my purchases.  Having used many of the large Chinese warehouses such as GoodLuckbuy, Gearbest, DX, and HobbyKing, I found Banggood to be the more reliable of them all.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t perfect by any means, but the best of the bunch.  I try and give a full list of what items I get from which supplier in anything I talk about, but sometimes I have a big pile of “spares” in a box, or it’s something generic like a servo cable, and so I don’t list quite everything.