CurryKitten FPV Sim

The CurryKitten FPV Simulator is an ongoing project to make a simulator accessible for beginners that made learning how to fly FPV fun to do.

Previous sims have really concentrated on the gate-racing aspect of flying – which can be fun, but just racing through gates, personally, leaves me cold. That said we put some gates in the sim just so people could experience them.

What I find more fun with FPV flying, and thus I think other people will as well are the freestyle aspects of it.

It might be flying through a forest, into an abandoned building, hugging tight into a mountain whilst descending… or perhaps the things you can’t do in real life like diving a skyscaper in a city environment.

We also thought about some of the new trends in FPV flying – where fast FPV quads carrying HD Cameras are used to capture broadcast footage of drift cars and so we added in some AI cars that you can chase around different circuits.

…. and whilst we were at it, another exciting thing to do is chase down a model plane, so again, an AI model plane is available to chase around different circuits at different speeds.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of flying with friends, so the Sim offers online play so you can chase around, play follow the leader or just kick the ball around.

Seasoned pilots will be able to setup their existing RC radios via trainer/USB ports, but we support regular gamepads as well and have a special “Gamepad” mode to make them more functional.

The rate settings follow the FPV standard Betaflight-style values, but for beginners preset rates are available so you don’t have to get bogged down in understanding the fine-tuning of your FPV quadcopter.

A full setup guide and instructions wiki is available here.

This is the work of a single person (me) for the most part, with some help from a few others who supplied music and some 3d models, but is updated often and we have a large list of to-do’s to get through.

This includes (but is not limited to) –

  • Gamification (quad-ball and some other games)
  • Making the Plane flyable for a multi-model FPV simulator
  • Increase the options on the field of view / camera lens simulation
  • Add more buildings/moving objects to fly around
  • Add AI controlled quadcopters
  • Add interactive flying lessons

You also have the ability to suggest/request features. Some great suggestions from the community have already been added in and these make the sim a far better experience.

Whether you have a bug, a suggestion, or you just want to tell me how great I am, you can email me at